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We have raised over $40,000…and YOU can HELP us do MORE!
Read the instructions below; you’ll be ready to go in less than 5 minutes!
Once start, please join us on Facebook and we’ll list you in this page below.

And before I forget, a huge thank you to all of the people who have helped out (People page) so far.


Step 1. Decide if you would like to support the relief effort in Haiti.
(2 minutes)

Step 2. Create
your personal donation challenge page(s), which you then show to others. (5 minutes) Brainstorm your commitment, choose a dollar goal, and create a page on FirstGiving. Here is a sample effective page you can copy and paste from to save time. Here’s a screencast (no audio) of the page creation process.

Step 3. Spread the word using Twitter, Facebook, etc,. and you could make a tremendous impact! (5 minutes+)

How to Hit $2,500 in Record Time: Fundraising Tips from the Pros

* See if your company has a “matching” program for your charitable donations and ask co-workers to donate together with you–you could double or triple donations to your page!

* Think big — it’s easier to recruit people. Get friends/colleagues to donate with you on behalf of your friendship, your company, or in memory of a loved one. Make sure they find you online and that they are prepared to give.

* Speak in front of an “already assembled audience” about what you are supporting and how you plan to raise money and/or awareness. Events could include club or team meetings, church groups, or work-related gatherings.

*Ask people to get involved in your e-mail signature, mailing lists, and on your blog (at the end of each post is also effective), as well as MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking pages. Consider offering your own prize to the person who does the most. If you have an ounce of web-savvy, go to your FirstGiving, go to the “your fundraising pages” tab for to promote your page on Social Media sites and to get widgets and badges you can put anywhere.


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  1. Patrick- thought y’all would be interested in this as well for PiH

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