Run For Haiti, first and foremost, depends on you and your friends.

It is a small, grass-roots fundraising model that can truly make a significant impact in a short time. You can’t turn on the television or radio right now without hearing of the devastation that has affected so many lives in Haiti. Well here’s your chance to actually do something about it. Whether you join the 40, give to the cause, or pass on the good word about what we are doing, you can help.

Run For Haiti is organized by Patrick McCrann, author and co-founder of Endurance Nation. As other folks get involved this page will grow.

Donation Pages:


14 responses to “People

  1. My site is up now as well!
    nice Job P!!

  2. Put me down as one of your 40 and add Julie Cox also. We have had an offer to double the money that we have received by noon on Saturday…. thanks for putting this together! jennyim

  3. Nice job, guys! (We donated and set up a monthly gift for 12 mo. already! Otherwise, I’d throw you a mile!)

  4. please list me as one of your people and julie cox also:) we have a challenge to double our money raised by noon on Saturday

  5. I have thrown my hat into the ring. Great idea Patrick!

  6. Hey Patrick,

    My site is up now too. Please add me to your list as well

    I’d encourage everyone to check out “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder. It tells the amazing story of Dr. Paul Farmer and the founding of PIH. Great stuff and absolutely the right organization for this effort!

    Thanks Patrick!


  7. Here’s to successful fund raising!!!

  8. We can hurt for a bit… it’s nothing in comparison!!!

  9. THIS has been awesome to see how generously people have responded!!!

  10. Julie, no doubt…you are $55 bucks away from making it!!

  11. We ran it!! And we made the money… How awesome!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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